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The Future of the Local Surrey Independent Website - Evolution or Revolution?

The Justsurrey review is currently take place - the number of updates you can expect to see in the meantime will be reduced to a minimum whilst we make significant changes to the quality and quantity of the website. The new and improved content and design will start to appear here from the end 2014 - Most of the long standing pages will still be accessible during the review. This is a great time to tell us which pages you most like to ensure that they will remain - we thank you for your patience.

Surrey Local News, Traffic And Surrey Travel

Our local news covers the whole county and the breadth of interest of its residents. During the current review updates have been limited, our resource being put towards reviewing the current content and analyzing direct and indirect feedback from our local news users. Much of the news is press release and news briefing driven, we receive information from a wide range of sources and when we come across something we think will be of interest to our users we publish the details. We welcome submission of news stories from across the county, simply send us the details in an electronic format. We can't publish everything we receive. Recently featured news has included:

  • Surrey's cycle revolution gathers pace we over 30,000 people expected at a local two wheeled event.
  • Public health staff have been transferred to the County Council offices as the authority takes over certain responsibilities for the county's public health.
  • A recent legal decision has ensured that the plan for local libraries will have to go back to the cabinet for another look when Mr Justice Wilkie upheld a challenge regarding the creation of a number of community libraries.

Our Surrey traffic and travel coverage pulls together some of the leading traffic and travel resources. It brings information for current and planned road closures and delays from all parts of the county and beyond, we also maintain a local weather page, and provide links and resources connected local rail news and timetables.

Surrey Business News, Jobs Employers And Local Recruitment

We aspire to feature stories from and for the widest range of local businesses, both the large multinationals, small independent sole traders and everything in between. The information and features we publish are essentially formed from press and news releases, although if we come across an interesting story that isn't being covered elsewhere we will produce our own copy. We welcome submissions of news from local; businesses, business organisations and all stakeholder of the business community. Fewer new stories are being published pending the current review. A flavour of the stories recently featured:

  • The Waitrose Partner Volunteering Scheme has been launched and it will see its stores, including those in Surrey donate 250 hours to local charities and good causes each year.
  • The County Council has created a new investment fund that is hoped will create a total surplus of up to £37m by 2017.
  • There is a new Enterprise Capital Fund that is set to inject a minimum of £40m into businesses with prospects of high growth and quick development.

Amongst our most popular features is our jobs in Surrey directory, we highlight and feature hundreds of local employers both big and small. We have employers and jobs based on particular areas such as: jobs in Caterham, jobs in Weybridge, jobs in Epsom, jobs in Chertsey, jobs in Camberley, jobs in Staines and jobs in Woking. We also feature a range of the biggest and best known local employers by name, for example: Tesco jobs, Surrey NHS jobs, working for the Post Office, help and advice in getting a job with Sainsburys and even a page for Surrey Police jobs. We also group employers and employment opportunity by industry type, retail employers in Surrey for example.

Amongst the other features that we have been publishing in recent years are a local Events Diary, Community Directory, Shopping Centres and Surrey Farmers' Markets. In addition we maintain extensive local business directories including legal, firms estate agents and much more. Not all of these pages will be currently visible during the course of the site review but will rise from the ashes if our review suggests there is an audience for them.

The Justsurrey Disclaimer - We Welcome Your Feedback

The Justsurrey website aims to provide useful and relevant information and links from and for out Surrey audience. We differ from most other local websites in that we are completely independent and we have a track record going back nearly a decade. We have the luxury of featuring the content according to the wishes of our audience and out own editorial policy. We have no master save the need to make a realistic return on the investment of creating and maintaining the website. We are in the process of updating some of the hundreds of pages we hold (many currently offline), we welcome feedback and we'd appreciate your thoughts about the issues we should be covering. If you find any error or omission let us know. Please take a look at the Justsurrey disclaimer.


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